Since 2010, I have been providing access to private mortgage funds Canada wide. My private lenders deliver funds that are very reasonably priced and can offer the following:

  • Quick closings – we have closed files within 48 hours
  • Very reasonable rates
  • Flexible Terms
  • Reasonable Fees
  • 90% LTV Funding available in major markets
  • Applications with up to $750,000 can be approved in less than 24 hours

Clients have used our funds to:

  • To save their closings when last-minute their lender said NO
  • Make small improvements to their homes they are about to list/sell
  • Provide a down payment on a purchase for their next home or investment property
  • Pay down their consumer credit so that they will qualify for better rates in the near feature
  • Pay off personal and or property tax arrears

We always ensure to discuss ahead of funding what the exit strategy will be after funds are received. If you require financing help or access to private funding even if you were otherwise turned down by banks and or other lenders, I am here to help!

Please feel free to call (416) 477-6794 ext. 102 if you have any questions.