What is InterestBLOCKER™ and what will it do for me?   

We provide InterestBLOCKER™ at no extra cost to all of our mortgage clients as a thank you for doing business with our team.

My team believes that every homeowner should take advantage of their yearly pre-payment privileges.

InterestBLOCKER™ is quite simply, the most user-friendly personal financial management and debt elimination solution available in the market.

How Does it work?

Once your mortgage closes our team will work with you to complete an updated budget report of your monthly finances.

  • This report will include your household Income, Expenses and Credit Obligations.
  • Our team will then provide you with a complimentary license of InterestBLOCKER and enter your budget information into the application.
  • Once your numbers have been entered, and your desired aggressiveness has been selected InterestBLOCKER will plot the fastest way to eliminate all consumer and mortgage debt in your household*
  • We will review your


InterestBLOCKER™ is specifically designed so that our clients understand their financial “picture” of where they stand today. And then, assists to forecast what’s possible for their financial future to get them on the path of least interest.

Fail to plan, Plan to fail . . . Financial problems are the leading cause of divorce, and emotional stress that ultimately manifests into physical ailments. Most people don’t know where to begin to take financial control.

InterestBLOCKER™ will help you take those first steps to create and evaluate the optimal financial future for your household. By doing this, your stress will be reduced and your health, emotional outlook, and wellbeing will all improve.

Take control and eliminate ALL your debts … Using the My-InterestBLOCKER tabs, you will learn what debts are costing and what you can do with the money in your household to reduce the amount of interest you are paying each and every month. Before making any large future purchases run your “what if scenario” to evaluate the true cost of taking on the purchase and if the purchase is one that should even be made.

Savings made easy. . . InterestBLOCKER™ helps you plan towards future purchases or bank balance milestones. With income reserves in the bank, your household will be prepared for any financial emergency and have reserve funds for that special something you’ve always wanted.

The amazing part is you can then use the built-in strategies, including how to eliminate all your debts, to arrive at your preferred financial destination. InterestBLOCKER™ will provide you with a roadmap to arrive at this destination with an easy to use interface and step by step coaching modules. In other words, it puts YOU in total control of YOUR finances and you don’t have to be a financial mastermind to use it! You will start by taking charge of your BUDGET to build a strong and secure financial future, build wealth, and increase your net worth.

* Your Income must be higher than your expenses in order for InterestBLOCKER to work out a plan.